At Healthcare Finance Solutions, we have competitive, low rates for patients. Additionally, we do not charge patients high practice fees for those services.

We Offer Consistently Low Rates to Patients In Need of Healthcare Financing

At Healthcare Finance Solutions, we continue to offer patients and providers with low, affordable rates for medical expense loans. Additionally, we do not charge providers high practice fees for services, we offer the same low rates to everyone we work with. Our goal is to help individuals afford their medical bills and to help providers offer financing solutions to their patients.

How Our Services Work For Patients and Providers

Many providers understand that their patients may not be able to afford their high deductibles in the event of an unexpected medical event or emergency. Additionally, healthcare providers whose procedures are typically not covered by health insurance enjoy the opportunity to offer their patients financing solutions. As such, at Healthcare Finance Solutions, we work with you and your provider to get you or your loved ones a low interest rate loan.

When we work with providers, we do not require any formal continued obligation for services. Your organization can enjoy our services with no monthly minimum usage fees. As such, there is no risk to your healthcare organization. Furthermore, if a patient defaults, there is no recourse or obligation for the provider. Conversely, if a patient would like to pay off their loan early, there are no prepayment fees or costs.

Patients and providers also enjoy our quick approval turnaround. The swift and efficient application process ensures that your medical bills can be paid as soon as possible. No matter the type of loan, there is only one application to fill out, making the system as proficient as possible. Additionally, we happily accept applications with e-signatures, eliminating the need for mailing physical documents.

You will get your loan approval quickly and easily, right online, no matter where you are in the country. Loan interest rates will typically depend on the patient’s credit. Furthermore, patients and providers can rest assured, knowing that their information will be kept safe and private through our online portals.

Why Choose Healthcare Finance Solutions

At Healthcare Finance Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with quick and easy access to healthcare loans. We work hard to get you the best rates from top rated lending institutions, nationwide. Our services work great for anyone from individuals to families, and our loans are not exclusive to the applicant. This means that you can use your loan on medical bills for yourself, family members (including pets), and other loved ones.

Our main goal is to help you get financing so you can live without the burden of unexpected medical expenses. When you take the initiative to contact us, you are one step closer to living without the worry of collections calls and bankruptcy proceedings. To see how else Healthcare Finance Solutions can help you afford your medical expenses, contact us today.