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Pet Healthcare Financing

At Healthcare Finance Solutions, we know that your furry friends are part of the family. We offer low rate loans to finance your pet’s healthcare needs.

Healthcare Financing For Your Pets

When we adopt a pet, it instantly becomes part of the family. We spend hours playing with them, snuggling with them, feeding them, and caring for them. Though many pets live long, happy, and healthy lives, they are not immune to injuries and illness. If you have ever been to the vet, however, you know how expensive the procedures can be. If your beloved animal needs and expensive medical intervention, don’t resort to drastic measures, simply call Health Finance Solutions for a veterinary loan.

Americans Love Their Pets

Did you know that over 35% of Americans own dogs and another 30% own cats? This statistic may not be surprising, based on how cute and cuddly these animals are. But our love for pets doesn’t end there, many more of us own horses, birds, lizards, snakes, turtles, fish, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, livestock, and beyond. Overall, almost 80 million Americans owned a pet in 2015 alone. About 42% of these pet owners even have more than one animal.

As owners, however, we know that pets can be costly. Food, toys, tick and flea medicine, other supplies, and routine vet visits can add up. This may leave little to no room in your budget for additional veterinary bills for your fury friend. While some families do opt for pet health insurance coverage, those plans end up costing owners more than they need, both in the short and long term. Additionally, just like health insurance for humans, pet insurance has many gaps in coverage. These gaps render your payment of pet health insurance premiums useless in the event that any number of excluded procedures becomes necessary.

So, while most pets do live long, happy, and healthy lives with their families, accidents and emergencies do happen. The cost of the necessary procedures after such an emergency can leave a family wondering about their options. If you, like so many others, can’t stand the thought of letting your pet suffer simply because you don’t have the cash on hand, consider healthcare financing.

Healthcare Financing and Pets

At Healthcare Finance Solutions, the approved loan is not exclusive to the applicant. This means that the applicant who receives the loan can use the funding for medical expenses for friends and family members, including their beloved pets. To those who qualify, we offer low interest rate loans to help you and your family afford the necessary procedure for your pet. This solution has helped so many families avoid the loss of their cats, dogs, birds, and more.

For more information on how we can help you and your furry friends afford healthcare costs, please contact us today. Don’t allow the veterinary expenses to let you make drastic decisions for your pet that you may later regret!